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Grum's Words 1

The Silent Boy

So what can I say about 'The Silent Boy'? It's about a million guys and a million situations, but I had one only boy in mind. I 'met' him in Kindrogan, a geography/biology field center in the North of Scotland, in October (?) 2000.

Caught him looking in my direction,
I am intrigued, and fascinated.
A nobody became a somebody,
After a glance became a stare.
Not unrequited interest?
I still like to think so.
Never aquired his name,
But the somebody was some-boy.
A cute boy, a dream boy.
If I'd spoke,
It would've been more real.
If he'd spoke,
It would've been heartstopping.
But it wasn't, it never happened.
It's a tale that's true,
As true as the potential,
That was wasted at the time.

© 2001

Not Straight

Boyz On Screen
Boyz In Print
Boyz On Film
Boyz In Dreams

© 2001

Awaiting Realisation

There's this guy, who I really cared about, and I might've been going out with him at the time, if it wasn't for, amoung other things (loadsa other things, now I look back on it), this...

Is it really that difficult
For you to decide?
For you to commit yourself
To your own side?
Are you scared of loving
the ones you love?
Or is it something else
That makes you run?

Why can't you walk in public
Without breaking the link?
Why do you care so much
About what they think?
What's so big
About the big impression?
And who says being open
Isn't more impressive?

Does it f**k you up
To think you're not normal?
Don't you think you must be f**ked
To even believe in normality?
Don't you understand
That the only important person
Is you?

© 2001

I think I'd just feel suffocated if I was going out with someone and couldn't show the world and be happy.


This is one of my shortest, and one of my best I think. It's now widely replicated on the web - please don't steal it. If you want to use it, please ask first, and at the very least, give me accreditation.

To be queer is to be different.
To be gay is to be happy.
To be proud is to be both.

© 2001
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