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Grum's Words 2


Feeling sentimental on my way home from work, as I walked through my school - which is due to be pulled down. So they're gonna build an all-new school down hill from the current site, but it's just not gonna be the same. Not that it's my school anymore anyway - I'm off to pastures new - Uni. CHS:

Heading for home
Under the late, bright sunshine
Thoughtful as I pass through the old school grounds

Never have to attend those classes again
Will miss the people, the common room, the boys
Will miss the million unsiezed opportunities
But hopeful that I can again be as open
As I was in my last two years

Remembering the emotional will be more difficult
When the physical is gone, two years from now.

24/05/2001 © 2001

Inside Here Somewhere

I'm not sure what to say about this one. It goes off on a tangent but it all comes together. The theme? Frustration, I think.

Where's that guy I wished for last night?
You know, the one I wish for every night.
Maybe it's just something to keep me occupied,
To keep me going, though I hope it's not,
I hope it could, will happen,
I hope.

He's something I need, even if just for a short time,
Just so I'll know these things are possible -
Possible for me. I know it's possible for you.
Good for you.

I sometimes get the feeling
I'm only second, if not twenty-second,
I sometimes get the feeling
I'm not needed to be there,
I sometimes get the feeling
That they can't connect with me,
I sometimes think that all they need to do
Is give me time.

He's possibly round the next corner,
Maybe he was round the last.
But he'll have to wait, and take the time,
Before he writes me off.
And so will they.

24/05/2001 © 2001
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