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Grum's Words 3


This is for all those times you just wanted to find a dark corner somewhere and never ever come out. For all those times you just wanted to cry. For all those times you cried.

I can appear confident
I can even appear outgoing
I can believe it too.

But I'm exposed now
For you and the world to see.
But it's better that I am
For I don't want to be anyone other than me.

Feeling weak inside, from time to time
And sick of the exterior, almost always
Fragile to the remarks you make, unrealised
As I'm hardened enough to carry on,
It appears.

Though it's something I'd rather not think of
Just like it was then, when, years ago,
I was the child that never left me, secure
Unscared, uncaring, happy at home, the days
When I wasn't the nomad, forever wandering
Aimlessly around.

01/06/2001 © 2001
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