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I suppose this is essentially my attitude versus *their* attitude. Them being the future outcasts, them being the cronies, the conservatives, the twats. Them being the oppressors, if we let them. This is CHS meets QAF:

Do you suspect?
Go on then, ask me
Wipe the smile of your face
And be dumbfounded at my response.

Because I am
I am that forward
And I won't take your sh*t
So realise I'm big enough, to put you down.

Walk through town
With stride and presence
Feeling good, about feeling queer
Got the attitude, so f**k the 'phobes

I am proud
I am who I am
And I am who I wannabe
So to hell if I'm breaking your rules.

It's about time
You opened your mind
Because we're not gonna wait
While you update, your stuck-up attitude.

25/06/2001 © 2001

Attitude. Queer Attitude.
"F**k 'em, just f**k 'em!"
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