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Grum's Words 6

Heaven on Earth

There's nothing quite like the town during the festival. To me, it's amazing, and I'll always love it.

Edinburgh, on a sunny August afternoon
The booze is flowing, and the streets are alive
The mood of the people is calm and happy
The City Centre is surreal, with foreign accents -
The International Festival, combining the cultures.

I sit outside a pub in the Grassmarket
Watching the people, and feeling content
It's the best place on Earth, where you're left to dream
The passers-by are gorgeous, stunning.
You can't help but stare, but that's OK
Coz the chances are, they'll walk right on by
And if they don't, then maybe there's a chance
For a dream to be realised.

There are places in this World, which you'll love
Even after it's long since changed
Because of a mere memory, in time
A moment of History
Your story
Your place
Your place in time.

23/07/2001 © 2001
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