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Grum's Words 8

Movin' On Out

OK well I'll do a wee dedication... this goes out to Odeon people, and to Vibe people, and to you, if you can relate.

I'm movin' on out,
Movin' on up, up,
Up again, out again.

It's gonna be busier,
Busier and better,
And better than this.

Because here, now,
I can't breathe, can't think,
Can't feel, can't connect.

Hunting for the will,
With the good direction,
The will to make up my mind.

Where I wanna go, where,
And how I'm gonna get there,
There from here.

But there's time, always,
Time to decide, time to
Screw it all up, and fix it too.

Do what you wanna do,
Dance like you're the only one,
Dance, just dance.

And smile, and don't you fret,
Don't, and see what happens,
It's funny how things work out.

So it sucks, it's a bitch,
So trust it coz you know it,
Trust it to make no sense.

We all go round in circles,
Coz so does the World, and sometimes,
Old connections never die.

Though no time to wait, so
I'm movin on out again, up again,
And I'll see you all again someday.

04/09/2003 © 2003
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