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Grum's Words 9


Love is real, love drives,
Love fades, but never dies.

Love is you, engrained on me,
Love is me, setting you free.

Love is life, even without you,
Love is lost, if not lived through.

30/11/2004 © 2004


I dream of a life,
Lived not by me, but
By someone a lot like me,
Only different on the outside.

Someone who always gets the boy,
Always welcomed on arrival,
And missed on departure,
Superficially 'the one'.

At least then,
I wouldn't have to rely,
On my personality to win over,
The ones whom I actually think about.

I realise the complete pointlessness,
Of the dreamy logic portrayed,
But my 1st Achilles Heal,
Is my dream itself.

30/11/2004 © 2004


I'm driving at night, home from work, A to B
Without travelling, without going anywhere at all
Yet it's late in the day, and the clock is ticking

The origin is clear, the destination is still unknown
Free to decide, unless fate has it all worked out
Free to love, free to dream, free to drive

I'll reach my potential, in my own time, in my own style
I'll slow down, and make time for you along the way
We can drive, we can get there, independant and united

30/11/2004 © 2004
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