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Time To Stand Up

Stand up, and stand up
And take your camera
To remind you of all the things
That you're walking away from

And stand up, on your own two feet
And conquer the planets
Before they close in around you
Extinguishing the stars

And stand up, that's right
And head forward regardless
Even when you've gone blind
You will light the way

So stand up, stand up
Time doesn't stand still
And there's always some reaction
Just awaiting the catalyst

And stand up, and stand up,
To feel the full force
Of the ever changing winds -
Grab an umbrella, and hitch a ride

Time To Stand Up is an extension of a concept, a friendly theft of a thought.
© Graham G Hughes 2006
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>*G*r*   hehehe I love it, it's great, totally motivational!
G*u*b*g   Hehe, woohoo, glad you liked it. Sorry if I took your wee soundbite and changed the meaning entirely. I kinda just interpreted it that way.
J*y*   Ohhh I really like that! :)

Jay xxx
>*G*r*   hehe don't be sorry its great. Especially the umbrella line… tis mightily thought provokingly good! :0)