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Somewhere Else

So I broke out,
And broke into another place,
Scratching my way through,
Enclosed spaces to find, something
Wide open, wide open

And I found things were different,
But not all that new, because you,
You were able to provide the hope, just
Without the times to remember, only
Distant ideals, distant ideals

Though I understand
And I see the truth in your face,
Ploughing your way through,
Snow storms, continual unpredictable
Heavy weather, heavy weather

So you smile,
And you reflect away, a brighter way
To drive headlong into better
Pictures with inspired souls, searching out
Newer plains, newer plains

So yeah I broke out,
And I broke into somewhere else, where
I'm not invisible now, having learned
Something about self-preservation and
Loving others, loving others.
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l*v*t*l*u*h   Amazing! Absolutely loved it!
b*u*b*r*y*   You have an amazing way with words