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Grum's Words 5


I suppose this is essentially my attitude versus *their* attitude. Them being the future outcasts, them being the cronies, the conservatives, the twats. Them being the oppressors, if we let them.…

Grum's Words 4


Life is what you make it. To a certain extent, yeah, I believe that. More often that not though, I look at this poem, and I just don't get it. It would be a good outlook to have though:

A moment…

Grum's Words 3


This is for all those times you just wanted to find a dark corner somewhere and never ever come out. For all those times you just wanted to cry. For all those times you cried.

I can appear confident

Grum's Words 2


Feeling sentimental on my way home from work, as I walked through my school - which is due to be pulled down. So they're gonna build an all-new school down hill from the current site, but it's just…

Grum's Words 1

The Silent Boy

So what can I say about 'The Silent Boy'? It's about a million guys and a million situations, but I had one only boy in mind. I 'met' him in Kindrogan, a geography/biology field center…
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