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Retail therapy?

Been buyin lots of stuff over the last week! Bought Feeder, REM, and Doves albums, em.. bought SimCity 4 which is kinda cool (my wee sis says I'm too old for computer games!! The cheek!), and I bought…

Rabbits And Monkeys And Amazon


Eeek just took a look at the poll, and 20% at the moment don't like the new site. Oh well. Whatever. I guess. Design is a personal thing afterall (as said by Mark hehe).

I'm in old Edinburgh…

WELCOME TO GSO for 2003!!

Well it's Tuesday 21st January 2003 and this is the brand new Graham: Speaking Out. I've been working away on this for months, so I can say that it's a relief to finally have it up here for you all to…

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello! If you're reading this then you've got priveledged access to the new site!! Hehe. The Thoughts Index is now finished so go have a wee look. The new design should hopefully replace the old one on…

Grum's Words 10

Bigger Than We Are

Dreamy, fantastical, but ultimately optimistic.

Belief in a defining moment
Some sort of pivetal scene
That will change of all of this
Into something worth so much more

A small firefly,…

Grum's Words 9


Love is real, love drives,
Love fades, but never dies.

Love is you, engrained on me,
Love is me, setting you free.

Love is life, even without you,
Love is lost, if not lived through.


Grum's Words 8

Movin' On Out

OK well I'll do a wee dedication... this goes out to Odeon people, and to Vibe people, and to you, if you can relate.

I'm movin' on out,
Movin' on up, up,
Up again, out again.

It's gonna…

Grum's Words 7: DTM


My friends back in Edinburgh would, I'm sure, know what these poems are all about, if they ever happened to read them. I'll admit now, all the same, that this page revolves entirely around a…

Merry Christmas!

Hey guyz. You're soo running out of time for xmas shopping!! (..he says confidently.. hehe). Had a flying visit to Edinburgh today actually to go shopping with my wee sister - and thanks to her I actually…

Regained Sanity!

Um. Really sorry about that last update. Just needed to.. you know. Get it all out. Catharsis, kinda thing. It was just the culmination of pretty much everything going wrong, and the realisation of what's…